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About Grace Tax Group

Grace Tax Group is a tax accounting firm providing high-quality, personalized accounting and financial services for individuals and small businesses.

With years of experience, we provide our clients with premium tax and accounting business solutions, and our team of certified tax advisors, business, strategies, investment experts, certified/licensed accountants, and financial consultants embrace a fully customizable approach to business services by offering one-stop premium solutions that fit their unique needs.

Grace Tax Group is headquartered in Diamond Bar and Norwalk, California but proudly serves our community of valued clients throughout all 50 states and the world.

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Commitment. Expertise. Results.

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The Grace Tax Group is a certified/licensed tax advisory and accounting firm that provides services to clients throughout the US and the world.

We offer premium services for our local and virtual clients by delivering one-stop solutions and fully customizable strategies designed to fit each client’s unique needs.

Specializing in international clients with assets and businesses across the globe and with over 30 locations throughout the United States and a branch in S. Korea, we are committed to providing quality service and knowledgeable expertise anywhere our clients need it.

Service, Flexibility, and Experience to Serve You.

No matter your needs, our team of experts is here to help. We offer personalized tax and accounting services tailored to fit the specific needs of each client.

Our expertise is backed by years of experience in corporate accounting, small business development, financial management, and private wealth management.

Grace Tax Group offers convenient virtual appointments for those who want their taxes done without leaving home or office; flexible hours that accommodate any schedule; and an expert staff with years of experience in providing top-tier financial solutions designed just for you.

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Meet Our Team

Hong B. Chang, CPA

Hong Chang, CPA, IRS EA

  • Educator and EA Exam Expert
  • Tax professional with a rich legacy of 38 years of experience
  • Distinguished professor shaping future tax professionals globally
  • Conducts and developed preparation courses for EA
  • Professor at Chungang University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Sangmyung University
  • Former Partner at C&C accounting firm in Chicago
  • Former President of Songhyun Tax service
  • Past Affiliations with National Tax Service Korea and deloitte Korea
  • Former president of Bujeon Accounting Company and Hong B Chang Accounting company
  • President of the National Association of Korean American Enrolled Agents
  • A trailblazer in advancing the standards of tax expertise
  • Bringing unparalleled knowledge and leadership to every tax role
  • Committed to shaping the future of tax professionals and organizations
Dana Kim, IRS EA

Dana Kim, IRS EA

  • Over 15 years of expertise in business consulting, business banking, taxes, corporate finance and investment
  • Showcasing extensive business experience and successfully managing diverse cases
  • Former Vice President in Bank of America
  • Former Vice Chairman at the Korean American Federation of OC
  • Contributing to community leadership and development recognized by CA state assembly
  • Active member at the National Association of American Enrolled Agents, highlighting commitment to professional excellence
  • Proven track record in navigating complex tax resolution and audit cases
  • Committed to delivering high quality solutions and fostering tax community growth
  • Empowering women entrepreneurs for success and extensive knowledge in women centric business strategies
  • A dedicated advocate for gender diversity and inclusion in business
Kristine Yoo, IRS EA, CAA

Kristine Yoo, IRS EA, CAA
CA registered LDA, Notary Public

  • Seasoned CPAs versatile office work experience
  • Tax Expert at H&R Block for over 2 years, specializing in tax compliance and optimization
  • Engaged community member for over 5 years, providing legal document assistance and support as a licensed Legal document assistant
  • Certified Acceptance Agent for ITIN by IRS, facilitating streamlined tax identification services for clients
  • Committed to delivering exceptional service and expertise in every role
Sarah Lee, IRS EA, CPA candidate

Sarah Lee, IRS EA, CPA candidate

  • Over 15 years of combined experience in public accounting and the wholesale industry
  • Expertise in financial statement, bookkeeping and accounting
  • Experience working with a diverse range of clients in public accounting and advisory services
  • In-depth knowledge of inventory management, cost analysis, and financial reporting specific to the wholesale industry
  • Currently pursuing CPA license, demonstrating commitment to excellence and professionalism in accounting

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